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The Lay-Z-Spa SaluSpa® UK Cabo HydroJet™ is the perfect choice for an affordable, portable spa for up to 6 people. Simple, quick and easy to set up, the Cabo delivers a classy look and relaxing hot tub experience without professional installation. Included are 4 comfortable, adjustable pillows to provide the ultimate experience. This spa reaches up to 104ºF (40ºC) to provide relaxation as you are surrounded by 140 AirJet massage bubbles and 4 HydroJet spa nozzles.

Lay-Z-Spa SaluSpa UK Cabo HydroJet™ (2023) video

Control at Your Fingertips:
This spa can be controlled from your smart device through the Lay-Z-Spa Smart Hub™ App. This innovation makes the Cabo one of the most convenient spas on the market. The app lets you set your spa to the perfect temperature, activate the Power Saving Timer, run the water filter and control the HydroJet massage system – all from the palm of your hand.

Soothing Massage System:
The HydroJet massage system provides two ways for you to relax in your spa. The 4 HydroJet nozzles are placed close to the spa pump and release targeted jetstreams of water, while the 140 AirJet openings release bubbles from the bottom of the spa to create a warm, bubbling environment. This soothing massage system will help you relax and unwind. Designed to provide the ultimate comfort and relaxation experience, this massage system features two intensity levels, so your relaxation time is completely customizable.

Durable Construction:
This spa’s inflatable walls are made of durable, puncture-resistant, DuraPlus™ material which prevents damage. Compared to PVC, DuraPlus 3-layer material is 33% more tear resistant and 56% more stretch resistant. This type of internal construction prevents expansion over time, allowing the spa to retain the same shape no matter how many times it’s inflated and deflated.

Innovative Winterizing Technology:
The included Freeze Shield™ automatic heating function prevents inner components from freezing during colder temperatures. Designed with innovative winterizing technology, the system will keep the internal temperatures between 42º and 50ºF (6º and 10ºC) to prevent damage.

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